Introducing Flashpoints®, one of the world’s most sophisticated hair extension procedures. Flashpoints® are a breakthrough in hair technology that will transform your dull, lifeless, fine or short hair in a matter of hours to allow you to create the look you have always wanted. Unlike other extensions on the market, Flashpoints® are much gentler on your hair. This is because Flashpoints® uses no glues, no waxes, and no weaving, but rather a sophisticated hair extension procedure where a link of your new Flashpoints® is attached to a lock of your hair. Best of all they are re-usable time and time again. Your new, thicker and longer hair will look so natural that nobody will be able to tell the difference. They’ll only notice how great your new hair looks. That’s because Flashpoints® are the best quality Remi human hair and virtually undetectable.

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Colours and Styling

In fact, Flashpoints® will feel and behave so much like your own hair, you can generally have them professional colored, permed and styled as you like. Flashpoints® are available in a wide range of thicknesses, lengths, and colors – there are over 23 Ready Made colors to choose from, which together with further professional coloring, makes your color, style and highlighting options endless.

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Flashpoints Haircare

Visit our stylist regularly and take good care of your extensions to make sure you get the best out of Flashpoints®. Our stylist will prescribe and advise a care regime specific to your needs, however, you can generally treat your new extensions like you would treat your own long hair. Follow these simple tips and your extensions will keep looking exceptional:

  • Wash and condition regularly. Your extensions do not receive your natural scalp oils and so need to have moisture added every wash.
  • Use a natural bristle brush (or a flexible vent brush) as it is gentler on the hair.
  • As much as possible try to loosely plait your hair when sleeping, exercising or swimming.
  • Never try to color your extensions yourself, always visit an Advanced Hair Studio .


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