What kind of procedures do you have for hair loss?

Hair thinning and hair loss has been an aspect which finds understanding within each of us however the reasons and the concerns are quite different. As the core objective is to get a head full of hair to everyone we have a wide range of hair loss solutions that we provide to our clients.

What kind of procedures do you have?

Advanced Hair Studio is regarded as the one stop shop for any kind of hairloss concerns. Our team of hair loss experts have specialized in providing solutions for hair thinning as well as balding. you need to visit us at one of our studios, so that we can check the condition of your hair loss and know the severity of your hair loss and suggest the suitable method or the combination of different methods. Once we get the idea of the effects of hair loss on your head, we tailor the combination of hair loss procedures customized for you.

How's your treatment different from market offerings in terms of results?

At Advanced Hair Studio all the programs that are created are done in a manner to help achieve specific goals laid to our hair loss experts by our patrons. The programs are designed to give undetectable results in the meantime also make sure the utmost quality standards are maintained that are followed by the organisation across all the locations we operate in, be it India, Australia, Europe, South Africa or the UAE.

Why are some procedures of yours called Advanced?

The solutions are for hair thinning and hair loss have been tried for a long time according to human history records but to no avail in many of the cases. Over the past many decades the organisation has brought forward to its patrons solutions that can work in any condition and hence in a manner have been able to give Advanced results as per their own personal expectations. To know more see our procedures in detail.

Do you have shampoo or product for retail client to buy?

Most of the products that are designed have specific objectives. It however is vital to understand what would work and accordingly the products are issued as a support to the patrons suffering from various situations such as hair thinning, hair loss or total baldness. To understand what could be used is where the experts session is planned and an Advanced Hair Check is also done.

Will any product work for helping in hair growth?

The issue that we have at hand is generally of various kinds. Being as simple as lack of the correct nourishing ingredients in one’s diet, the way certain hormones behave in certain conditions, the kind of products that one uses on the scalp to as simple as the individual having pre-disposition to hair loss due to parental genes. Hence depending on the issue at hand the answers do vary. To get a detailed understanding of the cause a detailed hair check is vital.

If I use anything from your products will I have the same concerns?

The programs created by the experts at Advanced Hair Studio are designed to achieve certain specific objectives. Having said that the products if used during these programs are designed and tested and are approved as well before they are made available to the end user. High levels of quality product management have helped us take appropriate steps to benefit the larger public at large who come to us with expectations of quality and commitment. Their trust in us is the one of core objective for us to fulfil for our patrons.

How soon can I start?

The programs have its own time of effort with regards to reaching your expected results. However the start of the program is possible at any given point in time as our hair loss centres are operational all days of the week. The day you are wanting to start is the day our team can support you to have your journey commenced towards a head full of hair.

Cost of Hair Transplant?

Cost of hair transplants range across the world at various levels due to various important factors that end up getting lost in the consideration of many hair loss sufferers due to having high focus on the cost factor. When done right the focus on results far outweighs the costs as 25% of cases done today are botched up in many places where focus on cost reduction leads to procedures being performed not by adequate, skilled professionals or compromises on important health regulations. To know detailed information of various cost options feel free to connect with our hair loss experts as they can judge your area of loss to considered what kind of a solution would be apt as hair transplant may not be the only option available.

Is it a painful procedure?

Most procedures are not. It is rather the fear of pain and the anxiety which is more discomforting. The procedures do bring change and every change brings with it some anxiety. The real answer to this query is whether one is able to go through that fear and anxiety. Our teams have been trained over the last many decades to understand this reality and help the process of this change.

I have taken other products & treatments. But once I stopped all my hair related problem started again. Are your procedures really effective in giving permanent results?

The solutions designed for our hairloss clients are focused on giving the end results and are tried and tested not only in our labs as well as R&D centers but also have been tried by a large number of actual clients across different continents. We also suggest to be informed about the reality of certain products. Read more here

Alopecia areata case - do you have solution to the same?

Hair loss generally in majority of the population is an effect of long term concerns of certain kinds. Rarely does one face autoimmune concerns of such a nature. However as an Organisation dealing in Hair loss for the past many years our teams have been able to create programs to support the needs of such cases as well.

Is Hair Transplant done?

Affirmative. Yes. The procedure of a hair transplant is something that is considered highly as a solution for hair loss. Our unique procedure of Strand By Strand – Ultimate is designed to use the follicular hair of an individual to redesign a strong natural hairline as well as fill up bald areas on the scalp. The way the program is performed combining the best of the methods, new generation instruments and the best of the best clinical team, the results can hence be termed as guaranteed.

Is HT the only treatment for hair loss?

Over the years various solutions have been identified to fight the concerns of hairloss. The following section will help identify the various possible solutions that one can look at. You can also call us or meet our experts to gain insights for these problems in a personalized visit to any of our studios. To book a slot for yourself call us at 1800 103 11 91.

Can’t you suggest me a procedure which is only for 1-2 months. I want immediate results?

Only if anyone could. World research has shown there is no immediate solution for the concerns of hair loss. The reason that the loss has been gradual and has most often gone unnoticed, also plays a role in opting for the appropriate solution. Each issue needs a customized solution when we have to deal with Hair loss. Accordingly appropriate time is also needed to sort out the issue.

Why are the rates in the market so different all across?

Not everybody in the market are hair restoration experts. Some of them do not guarantee you to give you the full head of hair. So they cost less but eventually you end up paying because of the failed procedures. So do not fall for them. Also some clinics charge extra than they should. So know about which hair restoration clinic you choose

I do not want to get hair transplant or clinical treatments. Is there an alternate?

In line with this question the solution to opt is not always a transplant. And many a times the clinical solutions such as medications or topical solutions may not render the same level of answers as per our expectations. Hence a different set of options such as the AHS Complete or Strand by Strand Cosmetic program are there to help find answers to such questions.

Are your procedure guaranteed, will I get hair?

The core mission and vision with which the team of professional hair experts work under the umbrella of AHS, fall under the thought process of giving head full of hair to anyone. This is only possible with using guaranteed solutions for any kind of hair loss issue that the person might face. Visit us and know more.

Which effective treatment would you suggest for advanced stages which should not look unnatural and is cost effective?

Most of the times our team comes across this query. It is very natural to expect that since for so many years and decades one might have tried so many variations of home remedies, treatments or medications; that did not render the expected results; the hair loss solutions at Advanced Hair might too fall in the same bracket. Honestly this is the precise reason our teams have created a host of programs and procedures to fulfil the expectations of each and every individual coming to us. For details check out a few of our programs here and book yourself a visit to the studio’s nearest to you to get detailed understanding of the same.

Suggest the best possible and permanent solution to Hair loss.

Our team of hair loss experts in punjab and across the world have spent that last 4+ decades finding the best possible solutions for hair thinning and hair loss concerns. A wise array of solutions and concepts have been created to help fulfil this expectation. Read about these concepts Supernatural by AHS as well as AHS Complete and decide which is apt for your requirement.

Do you have solutions for total baldness?

Yes. Of course. As a matter of fact, our hair loss centre in Ahmedabad has been here for near to a decade and has been able to resolve the concerns of many patrons. Also, it is interesting to understand that over 65% of our patrons visit our centres in a condition that is termed as an advanced condition. This condition would be a situation where the damage is on a higher side where one can see a large amount of thinning or visible scalp signifying that the total volume would have drastically reduced.

What procedure would you give such cases?

The solutions that can be considered on the outset are honestly very subjective to the individual’s needs. There could be possibility of doing retention procedures as well as restoration procedures. The concept of AHS Complete could be one of the top procedures that the individuals would consider for themselves looking at the past experience of our patrons who have visited our hair loss centre in Ahmedabad in past many years.

What would you suggest to me as I am almost bald ?

Considering your age and your expectation there are still possible answers that our team of hair loss experts in Ahmedabad can give you. What matters foremost is how far you would want to reach with regards to results and accordingly the program can be customised to achieve the vision you would want to work towards with regards to results. No stage and no age are at limitation when it comes to possible answers that the experts at Advanced Hair have been designing for the past+ decades

Who will be performing the procedures?

Each procedure is designed with its specifics in mind. The areas where our surgeons are needed get managed by them and the areas where our other specialised team members are needed, they take over the same. On a totally different angle if we choose to answer the question with utmost honesty, we are proud to share that our team members constitute the best of the best individuals handpicked for various roles and responsibilities that come about in order to achieve certain specific requirements that our patrons have from us.

What is the most Advanced procedure or solution to fight hairloss?

There are a host of procedures and solutions that have been there through the test of time that as humans we have been working with. At each point of time in the history of hairloss solutions there has been a number of upgrades being done to advance the procedure results. Starting from days of believed solutions like oils to advent of medicated lotions, also in line were times when hair transplants were looked at the newest possible answers. The world has come a long way now from those days and today every passing year things are changing for the better and reaching each of the individuals who have been wanting to gain an insight in this realm of personal happiness. Understanding these expectations our team of Hair experts and practitioners across the world keep taking the bar above. Each of the solutions has to be customized to ones needs and requirements, hence pinpointing the best among the possibilities may not be an appropriate answer to look at. However you can look at some brief points of such possible answers . For details you can book your self a visit and our team will be more than happy to help.

Do I need to follow any particular regime after finishing my procedure?

Honestly no. Most of the procedures are designed to accentuate the life of an individual and add to their spirit. Having said that yes some care for yourself goes a long way. The Ideal case is to follow some Dos and Don’ts suggested by your procedure specialist.

How long can I continue having my results ?

The programs designed for our patrons across the world are designed to help them achieve their results as long as they would prefer and love to. Each module comes with its possibilities and that is where the knowhow and the experience of the hair expert team in Ahmedabad will be able to assure the results for as long as one would want.

Which procedure would be offered to me?

That honestly depends on a number of factors. Hair loss is a complex issue. The solutions are not the only aspect to be looked into. As an organization we have learnt from our clients that for them the biggest aspects that matter are how the procedure results extenuate their age, gender, personality as well as expectations; to name a few. Hence each procedure needs to be customized to one’s individual requirements. It is hence quite vital to have a one on one discussion with the professional and experienced consultants at our studio’s to know what is the apt procedure for you. To book yourself a slot call on our dedicated Hairline 1800 103 11 91

How long does it take to get results and can I use any products like shampoos, oil etc., to stop the hair fall or for re growth?

Reasons of Hairloss as shared above are also multidimensional and hence are its answers. Results can be considered in a few seconds with Magic and can be 4 months+ for many of the other possibilities. With regards to usage of products. Yes one can use products like shampoos, oils, etc for the objective they are designed for. However it is also a known fact that such products can at the most help us for cleaning of the hair and the scalp. Hair regrowth may not have any direct correlation with their topical usage.

What are the precaution we need to take? For what hair loss or the procedures.

A good question to be asked as prior to any major decision in an individual's life, the individual should have these things in clear clarity. It is quite important to have a clear cut understanding of the same. It is also vital to have a predefined individual to support with the process. A full list of guidelines are available with each of the programs which can be followed without bringing much change to one's life and lifestyle.

Should I perform Hair Transplant?

You should go for hair transplants only if the hair loss is in the stage where the follicles can not be revived. Check this blog to know if you should go for the hair transplant or not

What is the best suitable method for me?

To get the answer of this question, you need to visit us at one of our studios, so that we can check the condition of your hair loss and know the severity of your hair loss and suggest the suitable method or the combination of different methods.

What is the best non clinical solution for hair loss?

Fear of the unknown is the first thing we come across from clients such as yourself who have been suffering from the problem of hairloss. Most people do try to get the resolution in the most simplest of manner. Hence a non-clinical method is looked at such a juncture. Using hair oils or hair lotions, changing one food habits or lifestyle; all possible avenues that come to ones mind are tried. But research confirms that most of these non-clinical answers are a temporary solutions one tries to exploit. After the initial brush with such solutions there comes a time when an individual realizes that something seriously needs to be looked into. That is where our customized meetings come into play to help an individual understand in detail what all things they can look at and more important try to gain themselves the results one always dreamt off.

Will services really work?

Affirmative. Over the past 4+ decades we have strived to create solutions that work. This is how we have successfully created accessibility of clients such as you, across the world. Each procedure and each concept is designed and customized to your individual requirements.

What is hair fixing?

Wigs, weaves, patches & a lot more. There have been a lot of options that have been created over the past many years and decades for camouflaging the balding hair of men and women. One such option is known as hair fixing. In case you are in higher stages of damage and are still looking to get a head full of hair for yourself, check out our Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic and AHS-Complete procedure options. These procedures are designed for achieving the 100 percent results of having a head full of hair in very severe stages of balding.

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