How to properly maintain results of the program so that its long durable?

Every program or concept at Advanced hair comes with its general and specific guidelines. These guidelines are created to help each individual coming to us know the exact process to manage the simple do’s and don’ts to have a satisfactory response on the end results. Talk to our experts to know more about them.

What life changes do I need to do to be a part of these procedures.

Changes are good. But not always. Over the years what has been understood of the human mind is that the lesser one has to do the more happy one remains. Over the years our teams have identified ways to make no changes or have minimal changes to support your need to continue with your preferred lifestyle after opting for these procedures. The hair you get by any procedure will behave like your own. You can check out this video of Martin Crowe after hair replacement to add to your confidence in the programs designed specific to your needs.

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