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Nicknamed ‘Manchester of the East’ Ahmedabad is a commendable example of how to maintain a balance between growth, globalization & still retain the old-world charm. The globe-trotting Gujaratis have exposure to the latest trends of fashion & style, leading them to the realization that Advanced Hair Studio is true to its international image of providing the best hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad.

In an extremely short time span, AHS hair loss treatment options have captured the Ahmedabad denizens’ attention & granted it the distinction of a hair loss solutions provider that offers the best hair fall treatment in Ahmedabad. Our distinctly superior, next-generation hair transplant procedures like Strand-by-Strand Ultimate & Supernatural by AHS have captured the market making us unrivaled hair transplant clinics in Ahmedabad.

Advanced Hair Studio is a well-known brand for providing the best hair fall treatment in Ahmedabad. Our team consists of highly informed hair experts, trichologists, doctors and surgeons who have years and years of experience in performing various hair replacement procedures. Hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad is performed with almost no pain or side effects. Our surgeons use the latest tools and techniques for 100% safe and result-oriented hair treatment in Ahmedabad.

With the increase in hair loss problems among both men and women, there has been an increase in the establishment of numerous hair loss clinics in Ahmedabad as well. However, it is also important to understand that you need to do proper research so that you don’t fall prey to hair transplant clinics in Ahmedabad that offers cheap and unreliable hair transplant in Ahmedabad. Take a well-informed decision so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the hair transplant treatment. This is where you can completely trust Advanced Hair Studio. We have millions of satisfied clients, not only in India but across the world. They have their success stories and testimonials, which shows that Advanced Hair Studio comes on the top when it comes to hair loss specialist in Ahmedabad.


All our hair replacement treatments have captivated the people of Ahmedabad, be it non-surgical hair replacement, technologically advanced formula for hair weaving, or surgical options like a transplant.

Flashpoints have enthralled young women looking for hair treatment in Ahmedabad as they give volume, blend well with natural hair, can be colored & styled as they wish!

Strand-by-Strand Ultimate has come out as the most sought-after, innovative hair transplant in Ahmedabad, giving a fresh lease of life to our patrons suffering from balding or thinning of hair. A head full of hair brings back their lost confidence too.

Advanced Laser Therapy has witnessed soaring popularity, as a hair fall treatment, due to its ease of usage paired with amazing results.

AHS Home Program is a super hit with all age groups of denizens seeking hair fall treatment mainly because of its convenience along with effective results.

Supernatural by AHS is the most revolutionary & effective procedure for hair restoration, providing relief to people exploring hair loss treatment.


The hair transplant cost of these procedures offered by Advanced Hair Studio depends on various factors. One of the important factors that play a significant role in determining the cost of a non-surgical hair replacement in Ahmedabad is the unique hair loss condition of an individual. The cost will vary from one person to person as it depends upon the degree of hair loss that an individual is experiencing.

Advanced Hair Studio offers clinical, surgical hair treatments and non-surgical hair replacement in Ahmedabad that guarantee value for money. We offer the best packages for hair replacement. Without compromising on quality, we deliver what we promise, which has given us millions of satisfied clients. The success stories shared by our clients & accolades in the form of testimonials are our prized mementos, motivating us further!

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Is hair transplant in Ahmedabad advisable?

Yes, hair transplant in Ahmedabad is definitely advisable. It is one of the most aggressively developing mega cities of India and the operational capital of Gujarat and taking great strides ahead in terms of industrialization as well as modernization. The interesting factor adding to the value addition is that the cost of best hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad are able to gain world class results and hence is a place that is reasonable and any man or woman can afford it. Advanced Hair Studio offers some of the best hair fall treatments in Ahmedabad. The hair experts, surgeons, doctors and everyone here at Advanced Hair Studio have years of experience and have been performing reliable and successful hair loss treatments in Ahmedabad.

Which is the best hair loss treatment clinic in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad has made a lot of progress in terms of industrialization in the last few years, be it in infrastructure, medical or tourism. And to provide modernized and proven hair treatments Advanced Hair Studio has set up their clinic in Ahmedabad. Here we have trained and tested hair experts to guide you throughout your hair transplant journey. With the help of cutting edge technology, our team of experts will prescribe you the correct treatment, so that you can get the desired results. The team has already proven its worth around the globe with tens-of-thousands of happy customers. So if you have opted or are going to opt for Advanced Hair Studio for hair treatment in Ahmedabad, then you can be carefree as the professional team of hair experts always keeps the customer’s safety on highest priority.

Who should I consult for hair fall?

Most people get worried when they see multiple hair strands on their brush, but as per experts, an average human loses 100 to 150 hair strands every day which is completely natural. This is referred to as the normal cycle of hair fall. However hair loss is a different problem altogether. So if you keep seeing more and more hair than above-mentioned number, then you should consult professional hair experts or hair transplant surgeons as soon as possible. Usually, people think that buying expensive products from the market can cure the hair fall completely but this is not the case, because hair loss is a medical condition and if not treated at the right time and manner then it can deliver catastrophic results. So if you notice that your hair is getting thinner and you are losing more than what you regain, you should then immediately get in touch with the hair experts at Advanced Hair Studio, your best choice for a hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad.

Can you wear a hat after a hair transplant?

Once you have performed your hair fall treatment in Ahmedabad or anywhere else, it is recommended not to wear any kind of hard clothing on your head for some initial days. But experts say that one can wear a hat after possibly 7-10 days of having you hair transplant surgery performed. Because the transplanted hair grafts or hair follicles may take some time to get permanently anchored in the scalp. Hence it can be said that after completing the 7-10 days mark it is considered much safer to wear a hat as well. To be on the safer side one should not wear any kind of cap or hat that can dislodge and remove the newly crafted hair grafts or hair follicles resulting in unsatisfactory results. So if you want to wear a hat then you should get your newly crafted hair grafts or hair follicles checked by your hair experts to make sure they are perfectly in place and all is ‘green to go’.

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