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Bangalore- the capital of southern state Karnataka- has seen a dramatic transformation; from a quaint little ‘garden city’ it has acquired the label of ‘Silicon Valley of India’! Today it’s an amalgamation of varied cultures, thriving with young energy!

This IT hub was frantically searching for the best hair loss treatment in Bangalore, due to the hair loss problems that have been striking the people with full force. The problems of hair loss in Bangalore were aplenty - from thinning to balding, from scalp infections to hair breakage! The denizens of Bangalore got a huge relief when Advanced Hair Studio inaugurated its branch here in 2011, giving a new dimension to hair loss treatment. Today, Advanced Hair Studio has built an unmatched reputation of being a center of excellence for hair treatment in Bangalore.

Their international standard combined with modern, innovative techniques & procedures has provided AHS an undeniable edge over the existing fragmented players in the segment of hair treatment in Bangalore.

Advanced Hair Studio showcases tremendous innovation over the traditional methods through its proven processes versus regular hair grafting, which is the reason AHS processes are termed as one of the best hair loss treatments available today. All hair transplant treatments and procedures are done under the supervision of well experienced and certified experts including plastic surgeons, doctors, etc.; and are completely safe, without any side effects or risk. We are committed to providing total care and comfort to every client coming to AHS in Bangalore.

We take pride in giving a professional and customized approach to each client, before, during and after the hair treatment in Bangalore. Advanced Hair Studio has become the number one choice for all the people who are looking for the best hair fall treatment in Bangalore.


Unlike temporary treatments or holistic remedies that might work to help grow back your hair, a hair transplant is a permanent surgical hair restoration method that guarantees hair growth. What happens during a hair transplant procedure is that the follicular grafts are repositioned from the side or the back of the scalp to the balding region of a patient. These hair follicles are genetically resistant to balding and are typically used in this hair replacement treatment in Bangalore. The hair loss treatments in Bangalore offered by Advanced Hair Studio are a comprehensive solution for hair loss and hair thinning.

Bangalore has taken it forward with all types of hair loss treatment; going all out for non-surgical hair replacement, to also the comprehensive options under clinical as well as surgical procedures. On one hand, the cosmetic options like Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic that go beyond the age-old options of hair weaving to a complete new level on account of its state-of-the-art technology, rightly incite them; on the other, the clinical, as well as surgical procedures, are opted by those who want a head full of naturally growing hair.

Non-surgical hair replacements like Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic & Flashpoints provide the volume & density that is desired by all. The natural look of both the procedures is an added benefit which makes non-surgical hair replacement procedures, extremely popular amongst people facing anxiety from hair loss in Bangalore.

Surgical hair replacement procedures like Strand-by-Strand Ultimate & Supernatural By AHS have gained unmatched popularity among Bangalore’s gentry as a provider of best hair fall treatment in Bangalore.


At Advanced Hair Studio, you will get complete care of your hair problems both hair preventive and hair restoration. During your consultation with the hair expert at the clinic, we will understand your particular hair problem, need and expectations. After a full analysis, we suggest you best clinical, surgical and best non-surgical hair replacement in Bangalore and will make sure that it gives you satisfactory results.

Advanced Hair Studio is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Bangalore offering hair restoration procedures with a high success rate. The cost of hair transplant in Bangalore normally depends on the donor area, the number of follicles required to transplant and the hair transplant technique used during the procedure. However, our experts at first fully analyze the unique hair loss problem of a client and then recommend the most appropriate hair loss treatment in Bangalore.

AHS gives a distinct benefit of providing the best treatment at cost-effective rates. There are lucrative packages if you want to go for a hair transplant. Hair loss in Bangalore has witnessed a spurt of hair solutions’ providers mushrooming all over, yet, AHS stands out and the testimonials of our patrons are the proof of this!

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What is the solution for hair loss in Bangalore?

Hair loss is the most common problem nowadays. Almost all of us have a tight schedule every day, which results in an imbalanced diet and stress. As we all are aware that stress is the most common reason for hair loss but the loss of nutrition in your diet can also cause hair loss. Advanced Hair Studio Bangalore can be a solution for this as we have trained hair experts and surgeons. We have already proven our worth by delivering desired results to our customers across Bangalore as well as entire Karnataka.

Is hair patching solution better than hair transplant?

Hair patch is a procedure that is used to cover complete baldness or bald patches with the help of artificial hair or wigs. Hair patch is an artificial hair wig made up of artificial or natural hair with a cloth or artificial material base. It’s a quite common procedure as it doesn’t require any medications or surgeries. On the other hand, hair transplant is a complete medical or surgical procedure in which healthy hair follicles were extracted from the back of the head and planted on the affected areas. The results are more significant in hair transplant as it gives you completely natural hair.

Is an artificial hair transplant possible?

Yes, artificial hair transplants can be possible, however it is something that is considered in the grey area by industry experts. The most common procedure to tackle baldness is hair transplant, however, in some cases; this is not possible due to inadequate donor resource. For these people, artificial hair transplant was considered at one point in time as a possible suitable option that got slowly available in the market. The benefits of this hair treatment in Bangalore as well as across the globe has been accentuated with possible health concerns since synthetic hair, artificial hair, fibre hair and other such similar derivatives were tried to be injected directly onto the incumbents scalp. This kind of a procedure in essence falls under surgical option in which artificial hair is placed individually for a realistic appearance. The results are immediate however these implanted hair are neither long-lasting nor permanent. The synthetic fiber shafts became weak and eventually break which look similar to hair fall. Artificial hair transplant can remain in the scalp for several months.

Which is the best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore?

There are multiple clinics available in Bangalore for hair transplant and hair restoration, however, it depends on the use of technology and hair experts that how they deliver the desired results to their customers by prescribing the right treatment. In Advanced Hair Studio, we have cutting edge technology to deliver the best possible results. The hair experts here at Advanced Hair Studio are well trained and have a proven track record with the best hair loss treatment in Bangalore. With the help of advanced technology, we first find the root cause of the hair loss and then prescribe the procedure which leads to the more significant results.

Which clinic gives natural hair transplant results in India?

It completely depends on the type of technology and hair experts. There are different types of treatment for different people. For example, few people don’t want to undergo a lengthy process of waiting for results and want immediate results so an artificial hair transplant is a viable option for them, however, artificial hair can be spotted if one has a closer look. Also, it is not a permanent solution. However, hair transplant or hair restoration is a complete solution in which healthy hair are utilized to solve the concerns of the affected area. The results of a hair transplant are significant and completely natural. So here at Advanced Hair Studio, we have a multitude of solutions as well as hair transplant treatment available, however, it completely depends on your personal choice which one you would like to opt for.

When can I shower after fue?

This is the most common question. As many people have a fear of washing hair just after the FUE. However, we recommend washing your hair with the prescribed shampoo and lotion for 15 days after the procedure. It completely depends on the number of scabs present. As per experts, a person should wash their scalp with prescribed shampoo for the first 15 days and after that, you should consult with your hair expert. Usually, after 45 days scabs get removed completely, so after 45 days of FUE, you might start washing your hair.

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