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Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is known as the ‘Gateway to the south’. It’s culturally rich, industrially progressive, and educationally renowned & above all, represents a perfect fusion of tradition & modernity socially. Being a coastal area, the citizens of Chennai face sweltry days almost throughout the year, resulting in numerous hair & scalp problems. From thinning to balding, from breakage to excessive fall, the denizens are approaching AHS for hair loss treatment in Chennai.

International reputation paired with ethical & transparent working has established Advanced Hair Studio’s supremacy as the best hair fall treatment & transplant clinic in Chennai. Our Strand-by-Strand Ultimate, a new & an advanced way of hair transplant in Chennai has won a lot of patrons as it is superior & more sophisticated than other available options in the market. Satisfied clients’ testimonials are our trophies..

There are many hair transplant clinics in Chennai available today which provide hair replacement treatments, but in order to get promising and satisfactory results, you need to choose a place that offers the best hair loss treatment in Chennai. If you are looking for the best hair fall treatment in Chennai, then Advanced Hair Studio is the right place for you.

Our hair experts, surgeons, trichologist and doctors have years of experience and they have been performing hair transplant procedures and non-surgical hair replacement in Chennai for long now. The tools and technology used by our team of experts at AHS are so advanced that results are assured for your hair transplant in Chennai.


At Advanced Hair Studio, the elements that our hair transplant surgeons consider include your general state of health, Size of the area to be covered, previously opted procedures, Density of hair in the donor area, among many aesthetic aspects. Apart from these common factors, your goals and expectations are also taken into consideration. These factors decide which hair replacement procedure in Chennai by AHS will be most suitable for you.

As hair loss has spread its tentacles on all age groups, the search for effective hair loss treatment in Chennai has led the people to take our varied treatment options. All our hair replacement treatments in Chennai have created a niche for themselves. There is a constant demand for non-surgical hair replacement, in addition, surgical techniques are equally popular.

The cutting-edge technology of Advanced Laser Therapy has provided mental peace to people suffering from hair thinning & initial balding & looking for hair replacement in Chennai. Its latest laser beam technology has gained popularity because of its ease & assured results.

Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic is an ingenious hair loss treatment in Chennai which gives miraculous results irrespective of the condition of the problem. It’s way ahead of hair weaving, hair patch & wig; a genius stroke of most natural looking hair

The avant-garde procedure of hair extension by AHS- Flashpoints has been fulfilling the dreams of all women to have voluminous, lustrous tresses. The ease of styling & coloring them is an added advantage.

Complete by AHS is another innovational, non-surgical hair replacement that gives wonderful results, irrespective of the reasons for hair fall.

Home program by AHS is the most loved by those who are looking for hair loss treatment in Chennai but abhor venturing out regularly. This gives them an unbeatable advantage of hair regrowth from the comfort of their home surroundings.

Strand-by-Strand Ultimate, the innovational, surgical replacement procedure of hair is a miraculous treatment offered by AHS. People suffering from thinning & balding, seeking hair fall treatment in Chennai, get back their hair and social life through this next-generation transplant.

Supernatural by AHS is another leading-edge procedure of hair replacement in Chennai, for procuring head full of hair.

If you are considering coming to Chennai, then get in touch with Advanced Hair Studio to receive a consultation for the hair transplant procedure or other proven solutions for hair restoration and replacement. Get full consultation from our hair loss experts so that they can go for a complete analysis of your hair loss condition and then suggest the most appropriate hair treatment in Chennai for you.


Advanced Hair Studio has gained a distinct reputation for providing the best hair fall treatment in Chennai at most competitive prices. All hair loss treatment in Chennai is guaranteed to give 100% result & satisfaction. Great value for money is what has made us so popular in Chennai!

Over time, Chennai has become a popular place for hair transplant procedures as well as hair replacement and hair restoration procedures. With many hair clinics available in this area, you will probably be confused in choosing the most suitable one. However, you will find some very cheap deals also, but you need to take wise decisions before going for a hair transplant. It’s important not to compromise on quality and to ensure that your hair replacement procedure gives you a permanent solution for your hair loss problem.

In case you doing your research on hair fall treatment in Chennai or are considering undertaking a procedure, you can call us and book a consultation Advanced Hair Studio to know in detail your options and choose the best suiting program for you.

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Is hair transplant in Chennai safe now?

Yes, Hair Transplant has proven to be a safe way of overcoming baldness, especially when done at professional hair replacement centers. Hair transplant procedures provide a permanent solution to hair loss issues. However, you must choose a reliable team of hair experts which includes doctors, surgeon as well as technical experts for getting your hair transplant in Chennai performed correctly. There are many doctors who perform hair treatment in Chennai but our team of experienced hair experts including surgeons, doctors and technical experts here at Advanced Hair Studio have years of experience and expertise. We use the latest technology and state of the art instruments for the hair transplant treatments as well as other therapies to make sure that the procedure is completely safe and risk-free for our clients.

What percentage of FUE grafts or FUT grafts survive?

Be it the FUE procedure or the FUT procedure, the follicular units are removed from the donor site to be transplanted into the recipient site. Either of the methods are known to have a nominal impact on the ultimate rate of success provided the program is being performed by experienced sets of hands on the clients who want to go for a hair transplant procedure, since the most significant factor in determining the rate of success is the overall expertise of the team. Another point of contention is the percentage of hair follicles or hair grafts that are successfully transplanted and the final appearance of the hair transplant as demanded by the client. However, when you choose the hair transplant procedure as your choice of your hair loss treatments in Chennai our team of hair experts will be looking to attain the highest levels of successful results for each of our clients.

Is hair transplant safe and permanent?

If you are looking for a permanent solution for baldness, hair transplants can be considered as one of the best solutions. While for hair thinning and other types of hair problems there are a host of other solutions. Along with giving long-lasting and permanent hair regrowth, hair transplant is also a risk-free and safe procedure. However, the outcome majorly depends largely on the team of experts which includes a qualified and experienced hair surgeon. Strand-by-Strand Ultimate by Advanced Hair Studio, one of the most successful hair transplant clinics in Chennai is the right place to look for a hair replacement procedure that provides guaranteed results and natural-looking hair.

The Strand-by-Strand Ultimate procedure as a new generation method of hair transplantation is regarded as a reliable hair loss treatment for surgical hair transplant. It is a completely safe procedure that has no side effects.

Which is better hair weaving or hair transplant?

Both the procedures provide the solution to hair loss or baldness and are safe and reliable, therefore it is up to you which one you would like to choose. Be it hair transplant in chennai which falls into the category of surgical treatment or hair weaving in chennai which falls under non surgical hair replacement both are designed for specific objectives. Be it hair transplants or hair weaving, both can be done in a more customised in a manner to make them a highly result-oriented solution and hence are accepted as the best hair loss treatments in Chennai for those have some or high level of baldness since these solutions can deliver a permanent solution to hair loss or heavy thinning hair areas in such a way that the new hair appears identical to the clients natural growing hair.

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