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Ludhiana is one of the top monetary hubs in Northern India. Being a major city of Punjab, Ludhiana provides the best health services and care as well. As far as choosing the hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana, the decision should be based on various factors including the proximity, reputation or cost of hair transplant of the particular clinic. Ludhiana has numerous clinics and facilities taking into account the necessities of the people. Hair transplant treatments in Ludhiana are in great demand as it has some of the best hair transplant doctors in the country.

Ludhiana is a vibrant, thriving city of Punjab & the advent of Advanced Hair Studio made ripples among its people. The need for a highly reputable & established hair care studio was acutely felt as hair loss problem was affecting the people here in great numbers.

Today AHS has gained the reputation of being the best hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana. Those looking for hair transplants in Ludhiana must avail of our pioneering, next-generation procedures of transplants performed by the best surgeons with guaranteed results.

Those who have already availed the benefits of Strand-by-Strand Ultimate & Supernatural are flattered because of the wonderful results making us the best hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana.


The popularity of hair transplants is growing among men as well as women across the world, and not only in India. Over the last decade or so, the importance of different transplant procedures has been enhanced by a more open discussion about the benefits of such treatments.

At the Advanced Hair Studio, we have produced amazing results from numerous clients from all around the world. It’s also imperative to be aware of the particular doctor or surgeon’s experience with respect to their outcomes and the efficacy of the technique used for the hair transplant surgeries by the doctors. We have highly experienced experts who have been performing these hair treatments in Ludhiana for many years now. Our team of experts uses innovative tools and techniques in their hair restoration procedures to produce a hundred percent aesthetically undetectable results. These hair loss treatments including FUE and FUT hair transplants and these hair transplant surgeries are remarkably known because of the permanence and quality results they offer.

Advanced Hair Studio has the distinction of being the best in all fields of hair treatment & that’s the reason why all our treatments have gained outstanding recognition.

People looking for hair weaving in Ludhiana or hair patch in Ludhiana have taken our sophisticated, superior Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic restoration treatment. The results of this non-surgical technique are making it immensely popular.

Advanced Laser Therapy is an ingenious treatment procedure by AHS which has provided immense relief to people suffering from hair thinning and initial balding. Being an innovative, non-surgical procedure, it is time-saving as well as economical.

Flashpoints is a sophisticated hair extension apt for succeeding generations provided by AHS which has become a rave amongst young girls and women. The volume and lustre provided by this have fulfilled a thousand dreams of possessing celebrity like tresses.

Strand- by- Strand Ultimate is a trendsetting, refined transplant procedure which has worked wonders on people suffering from acute thinning and balding. This surgical process gives the best of results even though it is a little time taking.

AHS Complete has fulfilled all the criteria of perfect hair restoration solution for people residing in Ludhiana. Performed by experienced professionals, its exceptional result is immensely satisfying.

Supernatural by AHS has created a new wave in hair transplants in Ludhiana with its path-breaking international technology.

The non-surgical procedures and techniques of hair treatment have become a super hit for reasons like the substantially good results, supreme quality of hair being used and no requirements for surgery. On the other hand, surgical procedures have their own set of benefits since they provide you back with your naturally growing hair which is permanent and more satisfying.


The soaring popularity of AHS is an amalgamation of quality control, 100% results and cost-effectiveness. Our esteemed clients have full faith in our international standards, innovative, high-tech procedures at most competitive rates in Ludhiana. We offer packages to suit all budgets. The love and trust bestowed on us by large hearted Ludhiana people have made us today the best of the lot.

Our hair loss clinic is designed in such a manner that they support infection-free surroundings. The client procedure rooms at Advanced Hair Studio are well-equipped with all the standardized facilities and care. We aim to serve our clients with the utmost care and safety that follow international standard protocols in order to make sure of safe procedure execution to achieve good results. Book an appointment with Advanced Hair Studio today and get a full consultation from our hair experts to get the best hair restoration treatment or the best hair transplant treatment in Ludhiana.

As you will see a lot of our clients express how happy they are with their results in the client testimonials present on the AHS website and how our FUE hair transplant procedure has not only changed their appearance but also boosted their self-esteem and confidence. Having a new head of hair has a huge impact on your life, something that most clients don’t realize until the procedure is finished.

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Which is the best hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana?

Choosing the best hair transplant center or clinic is one of the most important decisions you will have to make if you are going for a hair restoration procedure. Ludhiana is one of the largest cities in Punjab and an industrial hub and people are facing the hair loss problem at large here. There are many hair clinics available but you must choose wisely. Hence, you must evaluate all the factors thoroughly before choosing the best hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana if you are looking for the hair transplant treatment. Advanced Hair Studio is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Ludhiana which has been offering a reliable solution to people from all around the world.

How soon can a client get back to their routine post a hair transplant procedure?

The standard time one must take to resume to normal routine is around a few days. Your scalp might be sensitive whether you perform your hair transplant in Ludhiana or any other part of the world. Sweat resulting from doing exercise or any other vigorous physical activity could possibly irritate your scalp and also damage your newly implanted hair. So it is wise to wait for the scalp to heal after the procedure before you start your normal life routine. You should avoid any physical activity as far as possible, immediately after the hair transplant procedure. To know better, you must seek advice from your team of hair experts as they will provide you the right guidance.

What are the different tests performed by a hair loss expert for your hair transplant procedure?

Your hair loss expert will likely give you a physical exam before making a diagnosis. They will also ask about your medical history and family history. The common tests that your hair loss expert would take at our hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana before your procedure are normal blood test that may help uncover medical conditions related to hair loss as well as you general well being. Pull test, during which the your hair loss expert gently pulls upon your hair to understand and see how many hair come out as it helps in concluding the stage of the shedding process. Performing the Advanced Hair Check, in which a special instrument is used to examine hair quality from the bases. Scalp biopsy, in which the expert may take some samples of your hair from the scalp to observe the hair roots. Again, it may vary as every hair loss condition can be unique and hence the tests may also differ in every client who comes to our hair loss clinic for hair treatment in Ludhiana at Advanced Hair Studio.

What is the consultation fee charged by a hair loss doctor in Ludhiana?

The consultation fee charged by a hair loss doctor in Ludhiana depends on the hair clinic or the experience of the hair expert or the doctor that you are consulting. The more successful the number of treatments that have been performed, the more the chance of having higher consultation fee that he/she might be charging. Here at Advanced Hair Studio, our team of hair experts, doctors and surgeons have years of experience in performing reliable and successful hair restoration procedures. You can book an appointment to get a full consultation and know the most suitable hair treatment for your hair loss problem.

Can you shave your head after a hair transplant?

Yes, you can shave your head after a hair transplant as the transplanted hair will grow back easily. If you’ve had a hair transplant, you should wait until your body has healed. Choosing to try to shave your head too soon after the hair transplant is generally not appropriate or suggested by a well versed expert. But, you must ask your team of hair experts before taking any such action as it completely depends on the procedure that you have undergone. Follow the after care and post-procedure steps carefully to avoid any kind of unwarranted effects.

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