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Mumbai- the economic capital, the hub of Indian cinemas & glamour, the golden city, the city that never sleeps, is also famous for its choking humidity. Mumbaikars are an industrious, tireless & adventurous lot, living a fast-paced life to fulfill their dreams & aspirations.

The paucity of time makes it difficult for them to devote time to hair care. The humidity damages the hair follicles & infects, chokes the scalp leading to frizzy, lack-luster, limp hair & consequently hair thinning & balding.

If you are one of such troubled souls please step into AHS with full confidence. We offer the best hair fall treatment in Mumbai. We offer a varied range of clinical, surgical & non-surgical hair replacement options. A guaranteed result, an international reputation of 47 years, widespread reach through more than 300+ studios and alliances, pathbreaking, innovative techniques, unique procedures - all contribute in making AHS the most favored destination for hair replacement in Mumbai.

AHS Mumbai offers the best hair loss treatments. AHS is well-known for having the worlds as well as India’s top hair transplant surgeons in Mumbai as well as the best doctors, including trichologists. AHS hence is considered as one of the best hair clinics not only in India but all over the world. Our doctors and surgeons are highly skilled and trained in performing hair restoration procedures and hair transplant surgeries. They are known for delivering amazing natural-looking results. They are internationally known for their skills and thus have millions of satisfied clients all over the world. Come and have a full consultation with our immensely experienced team of hair experts who are trained to provide the best hair loss treatment in Mumbai.


The combination of hectic life along with humid weather, almost throughout the year, which can be the biggest enemy of hair for Mumbaikars.

As the number of people suffering from hair thinning & balding is huge, people looking for hair fall treatment is also increasing. AHS with its international reputation has successfully paved a way in the hearts of Mumbaikars as we offer an extensive range of unique & advanced hair loss treatments.

If looking for hair transplant in Mumbai, step into AHS - A complete solution junction for your hair problems. AHS offers the most advanced hair transplantation procedures & techniques with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Our Strand-by-Strand Ultimate and Supernatural by AHS are the best procedures for hair transplant in Mumbai owing to the advanced technology and experts performing the procedures. They are painless, scarless & give the most natural-looking hair at the most competitive cost.

There are many treatments for hair loss available today, but it’s imperative to first analyze your unique problem and then choose the right treatment for you. Here is where AHS, a hair transplant clinic in Mumbai helps you in the best way. We first look into a client’s actual hair loss condition, and then only recommend the most suitable hair loss solution. AHS has its main focus in providing you with the most appropriate treatment with the best technology, hair transplant techniques, and facilities. Client satisfaction is the topmost priority. We provide our clients with exceptional care and a friendly atmosphere so that they feel relaxed and comfortable. Call us today to get further information and clear your doubts regarding your unique type of hair loss problem.


The surgical, as well as non-surgical hair replacement, has found equal popularity among Mumbaikars. Those looking for hair treatment in Mumbai should first take our Advanced Hair Check to ascertain the cause of the problem along with the damage done.

Our cutting edge and the technologically advanced cosmetic procedure is an appropriate option to hair weaving & other similar procedures have soaring popularity among people seeking hair loss treatment as they save on time & money. Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic & Flashpoints have been braced by hair fall treatment seekers suffering from hair excessive hair loss or scanty volume. The volume provided & the natural look does the trick of bringing one’s confidence back.


AHS extends the advantage of most competitive prices for hair treatment in Mumbai without compromising on quality. Hair replacement is an art of combining science with aesthetics to bring about a satisfactory result. For your hair loss treatment give us a chance to prove our claims!

The cost of a hair transplant in Mumbai depends on various factors. Some of the most common factors that generally affect the cost of a non surgical hair replacement in Mumbai are the technique of hair treatment in Mumbai used, the size of the recipient zone, the number of sittings required, the quality of hair, the experience of the hair transplant surgeon, the location of your clinic etc. All hair loss treatments in Mumbai provided by AHS are convenient for everyone. Book your appointment with AHS Mumbai today and get to know the full details of the best hair fall treatment in Mumbai.

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Is Advanced Hair Studio a good option for hair transplant (FUE) in Mumbai?

At Advanced Hair Studio, various professionals such as hair experts, doctors and surgeons use advanced techniques for all types of hair restoration procedures, including hair transplant (FUE). We use state-of-the-art hair transplantation techniques which restores your hairline and hair density, giving you completely natural results. Considered as providing the best hair treatment in Mumbai, Advanced Hair Studio has become a synonym for the best hair restoration clinic and is well-known for having some of Mumbai’s best hair transplant surgeons. Our surgeons have years of experience in offering such hair replacement treatments to people from all around the world.

Is hair transplant in Mumbai safe?

Hair transplant in Mumbai is normally safe when performed by a qualified, experienced and professionally sound team of hair experts, doctors and surgeons. Still, individuals vary greatly in their healing abilities and physical response, and the result is never completely predictable. Hair transplant procedures are safe when done under the proper guidance of hair specialists, such as here at Advanced Hair Studio.

Also, our hair transplant procedure much viable and long-lasting as compared to any other alternative method of hair restoration. The procedure is safe and the advantage is that the hair can be used to strongly create preferred area of distribution so that the overall follicular hair remain intact.

Is 2000 hair follicles or hair grafts a lot?

A hairline on an average would require between 1800 and 2000 hair follicles or hair grafts as per the requirement that is with regards to the total area of damage. In your primary hair restoration, hair follicles or hair grafts calculation and assessment, you must conclude the number of hair follicles or hair grafts in order to get perspective on all other aspects of hair transplant. Calculating a more exact number takes some distinctive factors into account such as the color of your hair and texture, your goals, the size and shape of your scalp and the diameter of your hair shafts.

How much does 1500 hair hair follicles or hair grafts cost?

There are a number of things that can determine the price of a hair fall treatment in Mumbai. This is the reason why it is so difficult to get an exact price for a full hair transplant procedure. While the price of the procedure may vary from person to person, it also depends on the hair clinic that you are choosing. The main factors that can influence hair transplant costs include the density required for transplant, the total number of hair follicles or hair grafts required, the technique used in the procedure, the qualifications and experience of the performing professional, etc.

How can I sleep after a hair transplant?

After having chosen the best hair loss treatment in Mumbai, we recommend that you should be placing a soft, dark towel over your pillows for a few nights. You’ll be able to rest easy. Also, we recommend hair transplant clients to sleep with their head and back a little propped up with pillows for a couple of nights. It’s crucial that you have clean sheets and pillowcases, for a comfortable night’s sleep and to prevent infection. Make sure to use detergent free from allergens so you do not inflame or irritate the scalp during the healing process.

Can I go swimming after a hair transplant?

Generally, after a hair transplant, you’ll need to avoid potentially exhausting activities for about a week to ten days following your hair transplant. You’ll want to pay attention to the kind of water that glorious mop will be soaking in if you like to swim for exercise. Since swimming in the ocean does involve being outside in the sun, however, remember to guard your scalp against potential sun damage for a brief period of a few days to a week’s time. We recommend avoiding chlorinated water from two weeks to a month following your hair replacement procedure. It would be wise to avoid exposure before healing is complete as chlorine can potentially damage the hair follicles and the hair grafts.

What is the best hair replacement method?

If you are looking for the best hair fall treatment in Mumbai, this is definitely the right place for you. At Advanced Hair Studio, you will meet many of our highly professional and well-experienced team of professionals such as hair experts, doctors and surgeons who can treat all hair loss problems very effectively. There are various hair replacement procedures available at Advanced Hair Studio such as Advanced Hair Check, Advanced Laser Therapy, Strand by Strand Ultimate, Strand by Strand Cosmetic, Supernatural, AHS Complete, etc. All the procedures have proven to be effective for various hair loss problems.

How long does a non-surgical hair replacement last?

There are a variety of factors that impact the lifespan of your hair replacement solution or hair system. Choose the right non-surgical hair replacement in Mumbai and understand how you can take care of it to improve its durability for your needs. Here are some tips and ideas on how best to take care of your hair.

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase to lessen the friction between your hair replacement solution or your hair system and your pillow. Every 2 to 3 days make sure to shampoo your new hair and make sure to use conditioner each time you shampoo your new hair. Use shampoos specially designed for hair systems and hairpieces, which will make sure they are sulfate-free, when drying your hair use a cool or warm setting on your dryer. You also should avoid alcohol-based gels and sprays. You can easily take good care of your hair replacement solution or hair system, with a little patience and effort.

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