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Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra has become one of the flourishing cities of the country. From being in the state of dormancy and labelled as ‘pensioner’s paradise’, it has embraced modernity with open arms.

The denizens of Pune have long been stressed by various hair problems. The initiation of Advanced Hair Studio has resulted in quenching their thirst of excellent hair treatment. We have created a niche for ourselves in hair loss treatment. Those suffering acutely from thinning or balding can seek hair transplant in Pune at AHS as we offer latest technology & procedures giving us a cutting-edge over others.

Life may not be perfect but your hair can be with the hair loss treatment in Pune offered by Advanced Hair Studio. Hair loss not only affects our physical appearance but it can also damage our mental well being. People are quite conscious about their looks and appearances these days and when problems like hair loss or baldness come, they want to try the most trusted solution that offers best hair fall treatment in Pune. Advanced Hair Studio is in the healthcare and wellness industry for more than 47 years now and has millions of satisfied clients from all around the world. Most of our clients who are experiencing hair loss issues want to restore themselves a more youthful appearance in order to gain their high confidence. The boost in confidence can really change you as it automatically affects your happiness and self-esteem too.

In no time, AHS has acquired the reputation of providing best hair loss treatment in Pune.

Strand-by-Strand Ultimate and Supernatural by AHS along with AHS Complete have established us as the provider of best hair fall treatment in Pune.


Pune has taken a liking for all AHS treatments be it clinical, surgical or non-surgical hair replacement.

AHS Home Program has found its popularity as hair fall treatment mainly because of the ease and convenience paired with innovative technique with which people can restore their hair from the comfort of their home.

Strand-By-Strand Cosmetic is a sophisticated restoration treatment for people looking for hair weaving in Pune or hair patch in Pune. This non-surgical technique has gained soaring popularity because of its mind-boggling results as it is better than weaving or patch or wig.

Another hair fall treatment preferred by many in Pune is Flashpoints-the beautiful combination of science and aesthetics. This highly modern, extension procedure is loved by girls and women as it helps to fulfil their glamorous dreams.

Giving an end to the nightmare of balding and acute thinning for people looking for hair transplant in Pune, Strand-by-Strand Ultimate has proven to be the saviour. This surgical procedure gives much superior results than ordinary transplant offered by others. It has provided permanency to hair growth & relieved our clients immensely.

AHS Complete does wonders by bringing back natural hair through surgical procedure.


Hair replacement can be done either cosmetically, clinically or surgically. In the cosmetic procedure the results are achieved such as to achieve the objectives of undetectability and giving the natural feel of hair growing out of one’s own scalp with the use of various cutting-edge techniques. No scarring or pain one has to go through using our advanced cosmetic procedures.

In the innovative, modern surgical procedures the follicles are transplanted & stimulated to bring back natural growth in the affected area.

Our Advanced Hair Studio clinic in Pune has the most aesthetic environment and is maintained under ultra-hygienic conditions to offer maximum care before as well as aftercare to our clients. Experts at Advanced Hair Studio, use the most advanced, next-generation tools and techniques to maximise the success rate of surgical as well as non-surgical hair replacement in Pune. The objective is to produce a hundred percent satisfactory result. The latest equipment used by our hair experts has the capacity to give incredibly high as well as natural density as per the expectation of the individual in consideration.


As far as the cost of hair fall treatment in Pune is concerned, it honestly depends on various factors and also varies from clinic to clinic. However, the cost of hair treatment in Pune at Advanced Hair Studio can be confirmed after the proper consultation and assessment of your unique hair loss problem by our hair care experts. The hair transplant in Pune by Advanced Hair Studio is considered to be the most reliable one. We like to make sure that our clients get the best deal as per the client’s condition of baldness, the appropriate technique used for the hair replacement procedure and the needed number of hair follicles or hair grafts for the hair transplant procedure.

The exceptional success experienced in Pune has confirmed our faith in ethical practices, modern techniques of hair loss treatment and most of all value for money. These are the factors which distinguish us from from other existing players that have been in the market before the advent of AHS in Pune. We offer individual packages for all kinds of treatments to suit everyone’s pocket without compromising on quality. The lofty testimonials of satisfied clients give us the motivation to strive for more!

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Do all hair loss doctors perform hair transplant procedures?

Hair transplants are a specialist field and not a generalist field considering the factual information of it coming under aesthetical procedure. Not every doctor is hence a hair transplant specialist. Due to the increasing hair loss problems, today there are numerous hair clinics running, but a majority of them are unable to dedicate the time and resources, which are fundamentally required to scrutinize and perform the hair transplant procedure successfully. Thus, you should be very selective in selecting the surgeon if you are looking for the best hair fall treatment in Pune. The surgeon whom you choose must have experience and specialize in performing hair transplants and other hair restoration procedures.

How soon can a client get back to their routine post a hair transplant procedure?

To protect your new hair follicles or hair grafts as well as your general health, it’s important to take proper aftercare and that includes making sure you don’t return to normal activities such as going to the gym or start exercising too soon. While the recovery time after a hair transplant procedure varies from client to client, it also depends on the type of procedure that you have gone through. When you undergo your hair loss treatment in Pune it is recommended by our team there to avoid any exhausting exercise until at least seven to ten days after your hair transplant surgery has been performed. But you should always seek advice from your support team at AHS including the hair experts, doctors and surgeons and discuss what recovery steps are right for you.

Who provides the best hair fall treatment in Pune?

There are a number of hair clinics in Pune that provide various hair restoration procedures including hair transplant. However to get the best hair fall treatment in Pune, Advanced Hair Studio happens to be the most appropriate place for you. Our team of hair experts and surgeons have years of detailed and refined experience since they have been able to provide a lot of these procedures to people from all around the world with a hundred percent success rate. Also, they will first fully analyze your hair loss condition and only then will recommend the most suitable hair replacement treatment for you.

How dangerous is a hair transplant?

Rest assured. By choosing the right hair transplant in Pune, such as Advanced Hair Studio everyone can make sure that the procedure does not get categorized in the list of possible dangerous treatments. This is an age-old myth that some people still believe that hair transplant is dangerous or risky. This is not true as hair transplant is one of the safest among surgical aesthetic procedures performed today. The only thing you need to take care of is to choose an experienced team of hair experts, doctors and surgeons for the procedure.

When performed by a qualified and experienced team of hair experts including the surgeon, your Hair transplant surgery is easily a normal safe program to undertake. Here at Advanced Hair Studio, there have been many clients who have successfully gone through their hair transplant without any problems or concerns. Our team of hair experts and surgeons take extra care during the procedure and stress on aftercare as well. So, you don’t have to worry. Rather, enjoy the feeling of having your hair back. Welcome to the goodness, that is hair!

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