Hair Treatment Procedures

Hair loss is an extremely sensitive issue for all men and women. It distracts most, from work and some from relationships; having a knock-on effect on both the mental and physical well-being. However, there has now been a revolution. Powered with new tools, the experts have been learning how to read the complex chemical languages of the body, including how to coin new and the best hair loss treatments for men in India. We live in an age where hair loss treatments for male and female are readily available, safe and equally affordable. Experts suggest that the earlier you begin treating hair loss, the more effective the hair loss treatment can be. There are several hair loss treatments for men and women, ranging from the safe and convenient home programs to a daycare kind of a program that can be categorised as a transplant surgery or a possible hair replacement solution. All the solutions at Advanced Hair Studio are designed to have one thing in common : the support with the ongoing expectations or requirements to make sure prevention of further hair loss.

Causes of Hair Fall, Treatment & Prevention

Hair fall which is excessive and erratic can lead to problems seen as hair thinning and baldness, leaving behind stress, trauma and low self-esteem. While there are numerous factors that cause people to lose their hair, it is also essential to know that there are varied options for the best hair fall treatment for men and women accessible today.

Most Common Factors of Hair Loss

  • Genetics
  • Imbalanced Diet
  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Strong Medications & Therapies

Prevention of Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatment

While prevention may be the best way to look after the health of hair strands, yet there are some types of hair loss that are inevitable. Factors like androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata or some other medical conditions damage the hair follicles greatly, resulting in acute thinning and baldness.

The saving grace is that modern science and technology offers hair loss solutions for all men and women. Advanced Hair Studio has been catering to victims of hair loss for almost decades through a myriad hair fall treatment for male pattern baldness.

We have for your hair fall, best treatment options for all those who are suffering from damaged strands, to itchy scalp, to going bald. Our significant R&D wing has, through their dedication over the years, provided us with the best hair loss treatments. Thus, we offer experienced expertise & exemplary services for hair treatment for all kinds of problems.

We offer the most advanced hair loss treatment for men and women, young and old; from the latest use of stem cells to regrow hair to the contemporary hair restoration procedures to most sophisticated hair transplant techniques.

All Advanced Hair Studio’s hair loss treatments are tried, tested and proven successful all over the world. Hair growth is a natural phenomenon that depends on many factors and varies from person to person. Each individual’s hair is unique to him/her and therefore, prevention, upkeep or treatment needs a good guidance which we have been providing from past 40+ years.

We have always been able to assist people who are in quest of best hair regrowth treatment for men, and women as well, to provide complete satisfaction. For people looking to prevent hair loss or towards hair regrowth, we have the FDA-approved Advanced Laser Therapy, which has already covered great grounds.

A consultation session with us will give you complete clarity about the condition of the strands and scalp, extent of damage and, above all, open up many windows of possibility towards regaining their glory!

All our treatments fulfill one mission, that is, to take a pragmatic view of the situation and fulfill the expectations and requirements of our esteemed clients.

Discover a world of possibilities with the wide range of hair restoration and hair retention procedures at Advanced Hair Studio!

Advanced Hair Check

Advanced Hair Check

Early detection is the most important step you can take to overcome hair loss. Visit us for a comprehensive Advanced Hair Check! Our hair loss experts will analyse your scalp to determine your hair condition and will recommend the most appropriate hair retention solution and help you choose the best male and female pattern baldness treatment in India, for you.

Advanced Hair Check
Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy

This is the preferred hair loss solution for millions across the world. It is a powerful combination of the latest laser beam technology, FDA-approved regrowth pharmaceuticals, and a proven scalp and hair loss treatment programme. Advanced Laser Therapy is a highly recommended hair retention and best hair regrowth procedure for people experiencing hair thinning and those in the initial stages of balding.

Advanced Laser Therapy
Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair Transplant Treatment

The Strand-by-Strand Ultimate hair replacement procedure gives you 100% natural, growing, non-maintenance hair that you can wear and style according to your age, personality and lifestyle. Our team, comprising the world’s best and most sought-after doctors, performs this procedure at the best OT facility using next-generation instruments and technology.

Strand-by-Strand Ultimate
Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair Restoration Treatment

Replace your hair the way you lost it, strand by strand. There is no surgery, no pain and no scarring involved. Originally invented and patented by Advanced Hair Studio, Strand-by-Strand® Cosmetic is a hair replacement solution that guarantees the restoration of your appearance and gives you a full head of hair, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, and no matter what your stage of hair loss. This hair replacement solution is a touch of genius – nothing like a regular wig, a weave or hair patch.

Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic


Introducing Flashpoints®, one of the world’s most sophisticated hair extension procedures. Flashpoints® are a breakthrough in hair technology that will transform your dull, lifeless, fine or short hair in a matter of hours to allow you to create the look you have always wanted.

Hair Replacement & Regrowth

Hair Replacement

Supernatural is yet another one of Advanced Hair Studio’s incredibly-powerful concepts for baldness treatment for men and women in India. It is designed to give you a full head of hair. It is performed by the world’s top practitioners in the field of hair replacement. Popular across the world in cities such as New York, London, Sydney and Hong Kong, this new-generation technology is now available through Advanced Hair Studio here in India. Discover more about this revolutionary hair restoration technique that is proving to be a hair regrowth technique used by many in the early phases of hair thinning. A technique which gives you better hair than you were born with.

Supernatural by AHS
Hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatment

Advanced Hair Studio’s “Complete” is committed to giving you Hair for Life! This is a revolutionary hair loss solution to get a full head of hair back, regardless of your stage or condition of hair loss , and no matter whether your hair loss is medical or genetic in nature.

AHS Complete
Home Program

Home Program

Introducing the most powerful laser technology and treatment program for safe, effective hair retention and experiencing regrowth of lost hair in the privacy of your own home. Advanced Hair Studio, world leaders in hair restoration and the company that pioneered the Advanced Laser Therapy® program.

Home Program
Fitness program

Fitness Program

Advanced Hair Studio introduces the Advanced Hair and Scalp Fitness Program — world’s first program for those experiencing initial signs of hair loss in form of hair thinning or those who simply want to maintain good quality hair. It has proved to be an effectual hair loss treatment for men and women both.

Fitness Program

Every client is unique, with their own individual requirements, expectations and health concerns. And so a thorough, detailed examination is important to identify all the possible hair loss solutions before we determine exactly which baldness treatment will give the best hair restoration therapy results to fulfil the expectations. Advanced Hair Studio hair loss treatment deals with as many ways as possible to counteract every element which causes hair loss. After the consultation, your dedicated specialist tailors the most suitable, effective and the best hair loss treatment components and solutions for your individual condition and stage of hair loss.


Which treatment is best for baldness?

The hair loss problem in the last few decades has become one of the most common health issues that generally affects the confidence and general well-being of many individuals. Fortunately, Advanced Hair Studio has many solutions for hair growth as there are many types of treatments to reduce, reverse or regenerate our hair loss. Hair transplant is the best and one of the most trusted treatments for baldness. Here at Advanced Hair Studio, we provide hair restoration treatments for men including hair transplant that gives a hundred percent natural results. Women can also undertake these treatments. Some of our treatments are Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic, Strand-by-Strand Ultimate, Advanced Hair Check, Advanced Laser Therapy, Supernatural, AHS Complete, etc.

Can Baldness reverse?

Excessive hair loss from the scalp, which leads to the top of the scalp turning completely hairless and smooth, is usually referred to as baldness. A hair transplant is one of the best solutions you have in case of baldness. However, hair loss can be controlled by maintaining a healthy diet, consuming food items rich in iron, fiber, B complex vitamins, and healthy fats, maintaining thyroid levels and blood sugar but typically, hair follicles once lost cannot be regained. Hence, if you notice any signs of hair loss and are already experiencing baldness, then the best solution is to take proper hair treatment. Hair transplant offered here at Advanced Hair Studio is one of the most successful hair loss treatments in order to get rid of baldness.

How dangerous is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata is a hair loss problem that directly attacks the hair follicles and occurs due to the low immune system. One could be suffering from this autoimmune disorder whenever you are finding that hair is possibly coming out in batches and leading to patches on the scalp. This problem is common among both males and females having across ages and hence anyone including adults or children of any age group may also get affected by the same.

It’s not a life threatening problem, however, it’s still a sign that your body has issues that must be addressed so that the problem doesn’t aggravate. Therefore, if you are experiencing this condition you must consider a hair expert or doctor and look for an effective solution.

Is it possible to regrow hair?

Yes, it is completely possible. But first, it is important to know the cause of losing hair. If you’ve been losing hair or if you think you’re at risk of hair loss or thinning, then you must find out the appropriate solution for it. You can have oral medication; topical medication, herbal supplements but all these options will give you temporary results, if any. Hence, if you are looking for a permanent solution for hair loss and hair regrowth, then going for a hair transplant or the other possible solutions for hair restoration for men are to be accepted as the better options. You can consider this to be the best hair regrowth for men in India. Same solutions apply for women sufferers also. Our hair experts, doctors, technical experts as well as surgeons here at Advanced Hair Studio offer various hair loss treatments to people from all around the world.

How many years does hair transplant last?

A hair transplant is certainly considered as a solution by many due to it being the best as well as a permanent solution for balding as well as certain kinds of hair loss problems. The few top of the mind things you need to take care of are the choice of the right hair fall clinic in India and the expert team, including the surgeon you are choosing for the same. The selection of the surgeon should be done properly to get the best and long-lasting results. Here at Advanced Hair Studio, the surgeons hold years of experience and expertise in performing hair transplants and other hair restoration procedures. The hair transplant provided by our studios gives a hundred percent natural hair regrowth for men and women and permanent solutions to those who are experiencing baldness.

What is the best age to get a hair transplant?

The hair loss issues are widespread these days that people of every age are losing hair. However, if we talk about age then there is no specific age because it totally depends upon the condition and the stage of your hair loss. Once the cause of the hair loss is identified you can go for a hair transplant as there is no maximum or minimum limit with regards to one’s age. The suitable age is when you start losing hair at a level which is not normal. Here at Advanced Hair Studio, you will get consistent benefits with assured result-oriented treatment for hair regrowth in India.

Why is my hair breaking?

Hair breakage can happen for a variety of reasons, and it affects all types of hair from straight to curly. It can make hair look frizzy. In most cases, hair breakage is temporary, and people can fix their hair and restore its strength by using some home remedies and products. But if no action is taken at the right time, the problem can lead to hair loss also. Some of the common reasons why your hair might be breaking include hair products and styling, over-brushing, too much exposure to heat, lack of moisture, towel drying, not having regular haircuts, unbalanced diet, tight hairstyles, thyroid disorders, forgetting to deep condition, etc.

How much time does it take for hair growth after hair transplant?

The transplanted hair will fall out within two to three weeks after your surgical procedure is performed. But people should start to see noticeable change in men’s hair regrowth within the next few months. Same applies for women as well. You may notice temporary loss also of transplanted hair, approximately 3 weeks up to 2 months following the hair transplant procedure. This occurs after any hair transplant procedure due to the temporary resting phase that all transplanted hair follicles enter into. This is a normal and expected reaction. The new hair growth usually occurs within five to six months following the procedure. You will be able to notice the most impressive difference after the initial procedure, in about 6 to 10 months.

What are nonsurgical methods for restoring or minimizing hair loss and thinning?

Even though clinical hair treatment methods such as hair transplants and hair retention treatments are popular but they aren’t the only methods out there. In fact, there are numerous hair replacement methods which fall under non-surgical hair replacement methods that you can use for your hair loss problem. Some of the popular non-surgical hair loss solutions include medications, hair patches & wigs, oils and extracts, hair loss diet, etc. Here at Advanced Hair Studio, we provide various clinical, surgical and non-surgical hair replacement treatments for hair regrowth for men and women. Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic is one such non-surgical hair replacement procedure that will give you a full head of hair and is the safest and is accepted to be the best hair restoration solution for those looking for the best hair growth treatment for men and women. There is no surgery, no pain and no scarring involved. Advanced Thickening Hair Fibers is another excellent non-surgical treatment available at our studios.

Does laser hair therapy work?

Laser therapy is noninvasive, painless, there are no side effects and it increases hair strength. Laser hair therapy was developed to extend the life of hair color and for improving hair volume and hair shaft quality. The theory of laser treatment for hair loss is that the low-dose laser treatments encourage circulation and promote hair follicles to grow hair. Advanced Laser Therapy offered by Advanced Hair Studio is one such revolutionary hair retention procedure which will help in preventing hair loss and hair regrowth. It is the latest non-surgical scientific approach to treat most common hair problems such as hair loss, initial levels of baldness, thinning hair and problems related to the scalp. Laser Hair Therapy uses laser light to successfully treat the appearance of hair loss in both men and women.

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