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Hair Transplant

Losing hair is dreadful for any person, be it male or female, but replacing it with natural-looking hair again is something that everyone wants. Hair plays a vital role when it comes to a person’s personality and appearance. Hair loss can make a person look 10 to 15 years older than his/her actual age. The revolutionary Strand-by-Strand Ultimate hair replacement procedure can frame your face, give you your hairline back, and change your appearance for good. It can make your face look sharper, ultimately making you feel and look younger and more confident.

Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is a unique one-day hair replacement procedure, performed by top doctors at the best OT facility using new-generation instruments and the world’s latest technology. It allows surgeons to apply their expertise in hair transplantation techniques and create natural-looking hair. The hair replacement procedure provides a guaranteed result and natural head of hair again. As a new generation method of hair transplantation, the Strand-by-Strand Ultimate procedure is regarded as a reliable hair loss treatment for surgical hair transplant.

The Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is a hair replacement technique that allows aesthetic surgeons to master the artful and naturalized transplantation process to create totally natural and undetectable hair replacement. A Strand-by-Strand Ultimate transplant gives individuals hair, that allows recreating a new look that it is impossible to distinguish from a person’s natural hair growth. The goal here is to restore hair in a completely invisible manner. We have a team of hair experts, doctors and aesthetic surgeons who are immensely experienced and have been performing the transplant procedure for many years now. They do this by completing follicular unit hair transplantation also known as strand by strand, with the objective of each strand getting a completely natural orientation that is matching the natural orientation of remaining strands of hair.

Hair naturally grows at different angles and directions in various parts of the scalp. Our task is to mimic this very ground rules defined by mother nature. The Strand-by-Strand Ultimate program places the transplanted hair in the proper position, correct angle, orientation and direction to give a natural and unnoticeable appearance.

The Strand-by-Strand Ultimate hair replacement procedure gives you 100% natural, growing, non-maintenance hair that you can wear and style according to your age, personality, and lifestyle. It offers those with hair loss or baldness, a comfortable alternative with minimal recovery time and natural results. Once the new hair starts growing, there is no special effort, care or maintenance required. The transplanted hair will continue to grow naturally.

Expectations and Recovery

After the surgery, your scalp needs mild care. The hair experts team at Advanced Hair Studio may ask you to cover your scalp for at least a day or two depending on individual case needs. The team may also prescribe certain guidelines for you to undertake for a few initial days. In almost all cases, our clients are able to return to their normal work schedules within a couple of days after the day of the procedure. The transplanted hair may start falling off within the initial few weeks after the procedure, but you should definitely start noticing new growth within the initial few months of the procedure being undertaken.

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Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is a permanent hair replacement procedure

Once the Strand-by-Strand Ultimate hair transplant or hair transplantation surgery is completed, it is strongly recommended that clients commence Advanced Laser Therapy to assist with healing and retain healthy, strong hair growth.

To find out whether Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is the right procedure for you, call us on +18001031191 or submit an inquiry on this website to book your consultation with our hair experts. During your consultation, our specialists will analyze your current hair and scalp condition, ask you about your expectations, and review various programs and solutions to give you a clear understanding of what you can realistically expect as a final result.

Why Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is better than a traditional hair transplant OR hair transplantation

Strand-by-Strand Ultimate utilizes the world’s most advanced hair transplantation techniques and technologies.

  • Next-generation instruments are used to ensure the highest accuracy.
  • Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is performed by the world’s top doctors, who specialize in hair transplant surgeries and hair replacement procedures; these ultimate professionals are accompanied by our trichologists and hair experts, all of whom form your hair loss solutions team.
  • Guaranteed results from a program offered by a world-class brand that boasts a confident track record, trust, and results.
  • Reliable after services – Well-trained hair experts and a professional team extend assistance for your convenience, even after the hair replacement procedure.

Male pattern baldness or any type of hair loss can disturb your plans in life. It’s important to take control of your future as a lack of confidence may affect everything from personal relationships to your professional aspirations. Hence book your appointment with Advanced Hair Studio and take the Strand-by-Strand Ultimate procedure to restore your confidence today. This is an affordable and reliable hair transplant procedure that will give you new hair without any pain or side effects.

Life-changing results

Before and after success stories

Advanced Hair Studio’s hair replacement

Advanced Hair Studio’s hair replacement procedure - Strand-by-Strand Ultimate has been selected by people from all age groups to get back their radiant mane. It gives the individuals’ hair the proper orientation and is impossible to differentiate from a person’s natural hair growth on the remaining part of the scalp unlike the other hair transplant methods hence, making it one of the most celebrated transplant procedures.


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What are the side effects of hair transplant surgery?

Hair Transplantb> is usually a safe process and helps in hair regrowth. They do not cause any concerns or considerable side effects which may last for a few individuals for a brief period of time. However, there are a few side effects that may occur after a hair transplant procedure. Finding the most appropriate team of experts to perform the procedure will make sure that concerns such as possible inflammation of hair follicles, infections, itching and swelling get nullified for each and every individual who undertakes the procedure. Get to know more about this in detail on your visit to our hair clinics and find all the facts that matter to your case.

How effective is a hair transplant?

The hair transplant procedure is one of the permanent solutions that can be considered for baldness. Advanced Hair Studio is engaged in the treatment of hair loss with the help of Hair Transplantation, among other procedures and our experts, technical teams as well as surgeons make sure that be it hair transplant surgery or any other program you choose it is not like other temporary solutions of hair loss available in the industry. Our team of hair experts and surgeons use next-generation instruments to ensure the highest accuracy. For example, Strand-by-Strand Ultimate offered by Advanced Hair Studio is performed by the world’s top doctors, who specialize in hair transplant surgeries and hair replacement procedures. Our well-trained hair experts offer reliable after services and a professional team extends assistance for your convenience, even after the hair replacement procedure has been performed.

Is the transplantation of hair permanent?

Yes, the transplantation of hair is permanent. Why hair transplantation is a permanent solution because our trained hair experts here at Advanced Hair Studio use the most appropriate hair follicles to solve your concerns of a bald area. The hair at the back and sides area of our head are resistant to DHT hormone - the main cause of hair loss. Hence, they will not thin or fall after transplantation and offers a long-lasting solution to badness. The only full-proof method of regrowing hair for those in initial stages of balding can be the possible answer of performing hair transplant. You must go for a hair transplant such as Strand-by-Strand Ultimate if you wish to have a permanent solution.

Is hair transplant a success or failure?

A hair transplant is a successful procedure for getting your lost hair back. It has been observed worldwide that most of the hair transplant procedures are successful and offer a permanent solution to those who are experiencing baldness or hair loss issues. The main thing you have to consider is your candidature and to choose the best team for your procedure. Here at Advanced Hair Studio, all the experts have many years of experience in performing hair transplant surgeries such as Strand-by-Strand Ultimate. Here we have some of the world’s top hair experts as well as refined surgeons who will offer you the best natural outcomes in terms of densely-packed hair.

What is FUE hair transplant?

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most advanced hair transplantation method as it offers maximum density without causing any linear marks or scars in the donor area. Being a significantly demanding technique, the FUE hair restoration method, requires broad experience, skillfulness, and specialization on behalf of the surgeon in charge and the hair transplantation team.

Is a hair transplant painful?

No, a hair transplant is not painful. It is a nominal invasive surgical procedure of transplanting the hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient or bald area. Mild discomfort may occur as a local anesthetic is injected into the scalp which usually described as minimal. All the hair transplant procedures such as Strand by Strand Ultimate offered here at Advanced Hair Studio are painless and have no side effects. Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is a unique one-day hair replacement procedure, performed by top doctors using the world’s latest technology and new-generation instruments.

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